11 Spectacular Things to Do in Page AZ

Are you heading to Arizona? If so you must visit the best hidden gem! There are so many things to do in Page Arizona that you will need to plan a few days.

If you are like most people, you probably have no clue what or where Page, AZ is. As I recount our recent road trip through Arizona and Utah all I see are blank stares when I get to our time in Page. Turns out most people have never heard of this adorable little town in Northern Arizona. It’s not too surprising considering Page is a small town (Pop. less than 8,000) sitting on the edge of Navajo Nation and Lake Powell a few miles from the border of Utah. The few travelers who have heard of it, know it as only the place they drive through on their way to/from the Grand Canyon and/or as quick stop over point to view Horseshoe Bend.

I am here to tell you that you are missing out. There is so much on offer in Page, AZ that visitors really should, no scratch that, need to give it a bit more time. This was one of our favorite stops on our road trip through some incredibly beautiful states.

Page Arizona is one of the best places in Arizona to explore some of the countries most beautiful nature landscapes. From exploring on the Colorado River to hiking the expansive desert. This is kid friendly destination that will also wow the adults, making it an ideal family vacation place to go in Northern Arizona.

Visiting Antelope Canyon is the top thing to do in Page Arizona. These spectacular underground marvels on Navajo Land is what lures the visitors even for just a day trip and is a MUST do. Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon formed by the erosion of the soft Navajo sandstone. During the rainy season, rainwater runs into the canyons picking up speed and sand, re-shaping and smoothing the narrow passageways into the curving artistic stones you see today. It is absolutely surreal to be surrounded by curving walls, made entirely by natural processes.

Antelope Canyon is divided into Lower Antelope Canyon and Upper Antelope Canyon. The main difference between the canyons is the ease of getting in/out. Upper Antelope Canyon, the most visited, is at ground level and does not require any climbing. Lower Antelope Canyon requires a certain level of mobility as you are required to descend into the canyon on very steep stairs/ladders and move between the levels of canyons on various types of steps.

For adventurous families, the Lower Canyon provides a great obstacle course for your little ones (age 4 and up). Both of these canyons are perfectly kid friendly things to do in Page Arizona. Our kids enjoyed the circle formations of the rocks and running their hands and feet through the sandy floor, but they LOVED the adventure and challenge of climbing up and down steep staircases!

The canyons are very busy in the summer. If you know when you will be in town, book your tour as early as possible to ensure you get a time slot during the best light of the day. During the summer, the best time of day to book for ideal photos is between 11-2.